Vision Screening

Lincoln Co. Schools

In the spring the East Lincoln Betterment Association approached Lincoln County Schools about a partnership to assist with improving students’ health. Collaboratively, the group determined that eye screening would be beneficial to the students. A plan was developed to offer vision screenings to all first grade students. Students who are identified before age 8 with vision problems can be better treated through early intervention. Lincoln County Schools was very fortunate to have received free screenings for all of the first grade students who had parent permission. Carolina Eye Care staff traveled to 12 elementary schools to conduct the vision screenings on 666 students and 169 referrals were made for further examinations. These numerous screenings were facilitated by Dr. Matt Motteler, Dr. Brian Nishek, Dr. Lauren Goldsmith, and office manager Ms. Amanda Huffman, as well as other staff. Thank you to Carolina Eye Care for partnering with Lincoln County Schools.